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October 28, 2011

The Cancer Weapon

In a recent but rare series of public appearances in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in October 2011, former science child-prodigy Judyth Vary Baker, was interviewed by a variety of members of Canadian media. The city buzzed with her story of how she became interested in finding a cure for cancer, only to be diverted by an effort to suck her into a medical establishment that allowed itself to be used for political purposes. Rather than finding cancer's cure, her superiors at Tulane Medical School's Ochsner Clinic seemed instead focused on making cancer more deadly in order to create a "bioweapon"--a killer serum that could be used for purposes of assassination.

Only 19 years old when she arrived two weeks before schedule, Judyth quickly adapted to the unusual circumstances in which she found herself. Events that occurred during the next seven months would be replayed through her mind's photographic memory until the present day. It was that phenomenal ability to recall past conversations and the tidbits of sentimental souvenirs she attempted to save that helped her recapture the scene in the summer of 1963, when she met, worked with, and fell in love with the man called Lee Harvey Oswald. "He hated the name 'Harvey,'" she says, "and refused to use it. He never wrote it unless he was forced to--always calling himself simply 'Lee Oswald' or "Lee H. Oswald'."

The longest interview she gave was with George Freund, host of Conspiracy Cafe, who, in his introduction of the tapes that appear in two parts on his website stated that the broadcast would
"explore the use of the cancer weapon in the modern era and wonder if it was used to silence Canada`s other leadership hopeful Jack Layton. We look at the deaths from Roswell Park in various plane crashes. We name names."
 CTV had announced in August that:
NDP Leader Jack Layton died Monday mere weeks after announcing that he was fighting a new form of cancer, and just months after leading his party to its most successful federal election result ever. Layton was 61 years old. [italics added]
Prior to Layton's death speculation arose in the press about what type of cancer he was being treated for.
Layton has been battling prostate cancer for more than a year. Weeks before the writ dropped prompting an election last spring, he underwent surgery for a broken hip. He's been walking with a forearm crutch or cane ever since.
"My battle against prostate cancer, as it turns out from these tests, is going very well," Layton said Tuesday. The 61-year-old NDP leader said that his PSA levels remain "very, very low." PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is a protein produced by the prostate gland that increases when cancer is present.
But Layton said he has a new, "non-prostate cancer" that will require further treatment.
On the advice of his doctors, "I'm going to focus on treatment and recovery," he said.
Officials with Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, where Layton has been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer since his diagnosis in February 2010, said in a statement that "new tumours were discovered which appear to be unrelated to the original cancer and Mr. Layton is now being treated for this cancer."
The hospital's suggestion that Layton has more than one tumour is "strange," McMaster's Orovan said, because when cancer spreads, it is often "multi-focal," meaning in different sites.
Layton said his PSA is nearly undetectable. "If it had been undetectable, as it should be after treatment, that would be one thing," Orovan said. "But he didn't say that, so one wonders if this may in fact be a new manifestation of the same cancer, but not in the prostate."
The type of cancer Layton died from has apparently never been disclosed, but its appearance in his body after being virtually cured of prostate cancer and seemingly undergoing radiation for it piqued Freund's curiosity, as reflected in the segments below:

Part 1

 Part 2

We have to wonder about the allegations Judyth has made about the medical establishment and why they would not want her to reveal her connection to both the eminent surgeon Dr. Alton Ochsner and the designated "patsy," Lee Oswald. Are there some secret ties between the banking, medical and political establishment that powerful members do not want revealed?

The answer would best be presented in a separate post. In the meantime, listen to what Judyth Vary Baker reveals in the videos above.

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  1. This idea is spreading. I looked about Aaron russo declarations to Alex Jones where he says that his cancer may be the result of weaponry. At the end of december, Chavez hypothesised the idea of Cancer Weapon against south-american leaders (5 of them got cancer in the recent 5 years)