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October 2, 2012

European Opposition to Islamisation

The "Movement" against Islamisation

The anti-Muslim movement seems to have geared up in the fall of 2007 as the Counterjihad Brussels 2007 conference was held in the European Parliament, followed by a second day of working groups in the Flemish Parliament, with activists from 14 nations networking "to resist the increasing Islamisation of their countries," according to a press release issued October 19, 2007 under the moniker Vigilant Freedom Europa with responses requested to the email address, 

Speakers for the conference included David Gerald Littman (married to Giselle Orebi Littman, an Egyptian refugee who publishes under the alias of Bat Ye’or); Dr. Arieh Eldad, member of the Israeli Knesset (endorsed in February 2008 by blogger Pam Geller, who also reported on the Brussels conference); Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity; Sam Solomon, Director of Fellowship of Faith for Muslims and author of the Charter of Muslim Understanding; Dr. Marc Cogen, Ghent University; Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism and frequent contributor to; and Laurent Artur du Plessis, author of a forthcoming book on shariah finance.

Littman, Bat Ye'or, with Shimon Peres

David Littman's wife, the author known as Bat Ye'or was one of the greatest inspirations for the manifesto put together by Anders Breivik. At a Meeting with Shimon Peres, June 1, 2008the couple were honored for their participation in “Operation Mural: Casablanca 1961,” along with numerous members of the Israeli Mossad.

On page 1414 of this 1515-page tome, he wrote:
April/May 2002
I am the Norwegian delegate to the founding meeting in London, England and ordinated as the 8th Justiciar Knight for the PCCTS, Knights Templar Europe. I joined the session after visiting one of the initial facilitators, a Serbian Crusader Commander and war hero, in Monrovia, Liberia. Certain long term tasks are delegated and I am one of two who are asked to create a compendium based on the information I have acquired from the other founders during our sessions. Our primary objective is to develop PCCTS, Knights Templar into becoming the foremost conservative revolutionary movement in Western Europe the next few decades. This in relation to developing a new type of European nationalism referred to as Crusader Nationalism. This new political denomination of nationalism will become the foremost counterweight to National Socialism and other cultural conservative political denominations, on the cultural right wing. Everyone is using code names; mine is Sigurd (the Crusader) while my assigned mentor is referred to as Richard (the Lionhearted). I believe Im [sic] the youngest one here.

Was there a connection dating back to 2002 that can be traced to any known operatives of similar persuasion in Britain?

Paul Ray's "Lionheart" Blog

Paul Ray with St. George
Prior to his departure for Jerusalem in 2006, Paul Ray had a computer shop in the town of Dunstable, where he lived in a rented flat, approximately five miles from Luton. After watching a childhood friend become a heroin addict and die after years of agony, Paul says he watched Pakistani Muslims continue to desecrate his Christian community with hard drugs, unabated by any effort on the part of police to stop them. His own attempts to do so led to death threats and forced him to flee his country. He started the blog under the profile of Lionheart, as he explained in a post on April 12, 2008:
It was only through a divine encounter when I was in the Holy Land over Christmas 2006/2007 that this blog was made possible. My path crossed with a computer expert whilst staying in Jerusalem, and he helped me by setting this blog up and then showing me how to run it, before that time I had never heard of blogs and I had never really written anything since school 15 years ago. Since then I have been able write my thoughts and experiences down for others to read.
Much of his blog dealt with "drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems from Luton who are connected to Al Qaeda," further described in a 3 February 2007 post entitled "Dunstable - Death threat & the Al Qaeda connection," as he interpreted the events:
Afghan poppies for heroin
95% of the Heroin on the streets of Britain comes from Afghanistan through Pakistan and is owned and controlled by Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has a stronghold in this country within the Bury Park Pakistani Muslim community of Luton. Every level of the drugs trade from the top to the bottom in Heroin and Crack cocaine in Luton is controlled by Al Qaeda, it has to be owned and controlled by them because they need the money to finance their 'war of conquest' against us.
Paul Ray aka Lionheart
On January 3, 2008, according to the Luton & Dunstable Express, DC Ian Holden, hate crime officer of the Bedfordshire Police, contacted Mr. Ray by an email stating that he needed to report to the police station on February 19, 2008 to be arrested on suspicion of the offense of stirring up racial hatred by the material written at his blog, which was allegedly a violation of sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act of 1986. 

"Rather than returning to England to meet with police that February, Paul Ray called the newspaper office from South Carolina in the USA to report that he would instead be making an application for political asylum. He continued speaking through his blog, which was then reported on by the local newspaper, which reprinted a conversation between Ray and police in the March 15 edition.

Notwithstanding his remarks to the contrary, Ray did return to Dunstable to meet with police and was arrested in late March 2008. He bailed out of jail and was told to return in May when he would either be charged or charges would be dropped. On May 28, he gave the update situation concerning his arrest. 

The thread of events which began to occur in May 2009 would lead up to the formation of the group connecting Paul Ray to the right-wing faction of the English Defence League.

Who are the English Defence League?

On September 11, 2009, the BBC headline asked the question: "Who are the English Defence League?" Its answer to that question serves as a brief history of the EDL, which had been organized the previous summer:
Over the summer the English Defence League has staged about half a dozen demonstrations around England. In Birmingham, about 200 pretty fired-up young men came to the city to protest against "Islamic extremism and terrorism"....

This week the BBC secured exclusive interviews with some of the organisation's leaders. At a building site north of London, we meet "Tommy". He won't give his real name because he says he will be targeted by extremists. Joining Tommy is an older man called Alan, from London. Later, a young man from Luton turns up with a mixed-race teenager from north London, who Tommy says is the head of the "youth wing"....

The English Defence League emerged from the angry scenes in Luton last March when a group of Muslims protested as the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded through the town on its return from Afghanistan. ...

Nick Lowles is the editor of Searchlight, which campaigns against far-right extremists. He says that the English Defence League should not be written off because it poses two risks."What we are seeing is the formation of a street army, people who will travel around the country to fight," he says.
"Into this mix you can get [far-right] organisations winding them up - let's go here or there, here's some money - giving them some organisational support, that kind of thing. 

A month later Paraic O'Brien of BBC Newsnight's October 10 edition gave readers a few more answers. 
I spoke to the leader of the Luton division, a man calling himself Tommy Robinson - though that is not his real name. The real Tommy Robinson was an infamous football hooligan with the MIGs, the Men In Gear firm associated with Luton Town Football Club. According to this Tommy, EDL's raison d'ĂȘtre is to take a stand against the rise of radical Islam on Britain's streets. When you ask the rank and file though they will tell you they are just anti- Muslim. Over the last five weeks I have got to know some of EDL's main players. 

So, who are they? Part of the problem with answering that question is they do not quite know themselves. The organisation is about seven months old [which would thus place its birth in March 2010] and only started gathering any kind of momentum after 10 Muslim extremists staged an anti-war demo at a Royal Anglian Regiment parade in Luton in March this year....The leader of the youth division is Joel, an 18-year-old who lives with his grandparents. His father is Irish, his mother Afro-Caribbean and Joel grew up in multi-cultural Harrow, North London....Joel denies that there is any militant undertone behind the balaclavas and black shirts, but as he talks you get the feeling he enjoys the drama of it all....

About a fortnight ago I was invited along to a pub near the Barbican in London. The leadership of EDL were meeting some potential sponsors. One of them was an IT consultant working in the City. They were offering technical expertise to EDL.

One of first photos of Alan Lake
This Barbican meeting could only have been during the last week of September 2009, if Paraic O'Brien was being truthful. Another British newspaper, the Telegraph disclosed in a report appearing at approximately the same time, that Alan's last name was Lake, and elaborated further:
One of the organization’s principle strategists is a man calling himself Alan Lake, who works as an IT consultant in the City and has helped create the organisation’s intranet. Mr Lake, who is 45, single and originally from the north of England, has advised the Far Right Swedish Democrats on tactics. He told the Daily Telegraph that he became interested in Islamic writings some four years ago through a love of Arabic music and became alarmed by the religion’s “supremacist” aspect.
A few months later Billy Briggs of the Mail had a meeting in a pub on January 2, 2010:
I meet two of the EDL's key figures in a Covent Garden pub - a respectable looking man called Alan Lake, and a man who goes by the moniker 'Kinana'. Lake is a 45-year-old computer expert from Highgate, north London who runs a far-right website called Four Freedoms. This summer he contacted the EDL and offered to both fund and advise the movement.

The full alias of Lake's companion at the meeting, Kinana Nadir, said to be a "key figure in the 4 Freedoms Community, [who] has attended EDL demonstrations with people from the International Civil Liberties Alliance," and who was interviewed by the American Tea Party, where he was referred to as "an English Muslim spy." 

Yaxley-Lennon, R. Spencer, Geller
By October 9, 2010 it was reported in the Guardian/Observer that an alliance between the Tea Party and the EDL had been struck, as well as linking the EDL to Pamela Geller. It was also alleged that "Lake is also believed to have been in touch with a number of anti-Islamic Christian evangelical groups in the US."

Today's 4 Freedoms Library website is quite sophisticated in a chat room style setting, and the administrators are listed as:
Founder: Alan Lake
Membership Management: Kinana
Comment Moderation: Paul Collings
Researcher: Shiva
We will pick up with Alan Lake and his associates in a subsequent post.

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