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December 8, 2015

When Did Donald Warden Become Dr. Khalid Abdullah Al-Mansour?

It was a week after Martin Luther King had been assassinated. Blacks had rioted the night before in Kansas City, and the front page of the newspaper reported five of them had been killed. The Marvelous Marin Breakfast Club which had been meeting on Thursday mornings at Red Kettle Restaurant in San Rafael for three years had invited as its speaker that day an attorney from San Francisco. The group of mostly white businessmen, organized in January 1965 by a retired industrial engineer and run by men whose main interest was hearing church men talk about community affairs, would be told the blacks' problem was not that white people needed to do more for black people, but that black people, in so many words, needed to take care of themselves.

Published April 11, 1968 in the San Rafael Daily Independent Journal:

Negro Criticizes Ghetto  Programs
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A young  Negro attorney said today young blacks will not become a  meaningful part of society  until  racial pride motivates them to learn and work. 

Addressing the  Marvelous Marin Breakfast Club, Donald Warden of San Francisco criticized civil rights and anti-poverty  programs because they have not reached the "masses in the ghettos."

"The black community never endorsed the civil rights movement,"  he  said, "because  it  was not designed  to help  most  of the ghetto  residents.

Civil rights leaders, he con­tended, appealed to the white community to pass laws to help blacks but "never told you this legislation would affect only a small group of Negroes."

Warden, a 32-year-old Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Howard University, said the drive for voting rights was aimed at elec­ting "middle class persons with degrees" and that there was no role in this for those who really needed help: "persons on welfare, winos and the hard-core


He said misdirection of programs to help the disadvantaged resulted in laws which pleased the white community at first but only angered the people in the ghettos because they saw few changes.

The blacks thus felt betrayed. Then, when the riots broke out, the whites did, too, Warden said.

The attorney said programs must be drawn to rekindle the motivation which has been lost because a Negro has dropped out of school or cannot get a meaningful job. He said young blacks must be able to look up to some one who speaks their language and, at the same time, "show that he has a mind; shows that he can think."


Warden said Martin Luther King could have been that person if only he had said once in awhile, during a speech, that "I want you black boys to stay in school for me," instead of just berating whites.

The attorney said society has not learned that integration is not the goal, good education is; that good housing, not fair housing, is what is needed, and that the aim is to provide jobs, not just anti-discrimination laws.

Four years earlier Don Warden had received a standing ovation when he spoke at the United Republicans of California's Bakersfield convention (see inset to right). 

While attempting to track down who Donald Warden actually was--his parents, place of birth, and other details--I happened upon the following:
Al-Mansour, who organized the development in both Africa and the US, of Wahhabist Madrass’ was interviewed at his law office in San Francisco, before his law firm added bin-Talal to its masthead in the early 80s, and moved back to San Antonio. (Warden/Mansour’s first law partner became a judge, in Oakland I believe.)

Khalid al-Mansour’s slave name, which he used while a law student at UC’s Boalt Hall, and during his activities as a founder of African American Association and the Black Panthers, is Donald Warden. Warden casually mentioned in a Youtube video that he met Obama while Obama was at Occidental, but has since explained that any mention of an association with Obama might interfere with his objectives, and won’t comment. Warden/Mansour was, among many other activities, recruiting Wahhabi converts from US prisons, and defending OPEC in international court. He is a brilliant lecturer - just listen to his many Youtube lectures on Islam and Black Nationalism - more intellectual than Malcolm X and Rev Wright, and much more so than Louis Farrakhan. It was Mansour who contacted Percy Sutton, who was the attorney for the three luminaries above, as well as for The Muslim Brotherhood, for Charles Rangel, and President of his Manhattan Borough.

Mansour, according to a well-circulated local access television interview made in 2007, contacted Sutton in the mid-80s for help getting Obama into Harvard Law. Sutton was proud to help, and mentioned that Mansour assured him that money was not at issue because “Obama’s patron was Alwaleed bin-Talal, one of the world’s richest men.” Shortly before Obama entered Harvard Law, bin-Talal donated twenty million dollars to Harvard. Five or six years later bin-Talal created the “Alwaleed bin-Talal Center for Islamic Studies” at Harvard Divinity School, its best-funded division. At about the same time bin-Talal, probably with al-Mansour as his agent, opened similar centers at Georgetown, Cambridge, American University, and probably, three or four other major Universites. Al-Mansour was involved in the funding of Wahhabi mosques throughout the US. One can conjecture about the silence of the American press.

Bin-Talal is the largest private investor in News Corp, which owns the WSJ and FOX news. He was bailed out of his potential total loss, benefiting, much as did Warren Buffet, from Obama’s bailout of Citibank, Goldman Sachs, and GE. Just look at Buffet’s investments and bin-Talal’s and then to the beneficiaries of TARP funds (for which the Peter Schweizer book, “Throw Them All Out” is remarkably concise). He owns major parts of Cisco, Apple, Oracle, etc. etc.
Don Warden's name was mentioned in the Oakland newspaper in connection with the African American Association as early as May 1962, and he later appeared on KGO-TV Channel 7. We find the answer to our question in the Placerville Mountain Democrat May 6, 1965, which quoted warden's sister, Jeannette Tucker, who said the Afro American Association had been established three years earlier.

Donald Warden therefore was born to George James and Arna Warden in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1936. George, who died in 1960, had been an elevator operator for the postal service in 1930 after working in steel mills and being self-employed. His own father, Edward Warden, had been a saloon keeper back in Louisville, Kentucky. Yet his mother, M. Elizabeth Warden, was a physician, and the family lived in an integrated neighborhood near Spaulding University, with several listings in Caron's Directory. After George and Arna moved to Pittsburgh, their home in 1918 was in the Bellevue neighborhood. Don's siblings were George A. (born 1916), Robinell (born 1918), Edna (1921), Albert (1924), Jeanette (1928), Charles (1930), Marjorie (1933), Alice (1934), Joseph (1939).

The next step was in finding when and why he changed his name, since he had apparently been a convert to the Nation of Islam since the 1960's. Around the time he met the Saudi Prince, who was attending Menlo College in 1977, Warden began using his Muslim name.
MOUNTAIN VIEW (UPI) - Saudi Arabian Prince Al-Waleed Talal Al Saoud [sic]  threw a little birthday party for his wife's 22nd birthday the other night. The price tag for the evening came to $20,000.  

The dinner party at the Jumping Frog Saloon featured menu items such as Russian and Persian caviar, lamb, squab, lobster and prime rib and a six-tiered birthday cake that could feed 500, although only 150 persons attended the party. “It’s truly a dinner fit for a king,’’ enthused Bobbi Luger. who along with her husband owns the saloon which is a favorite hangout for the prince. 

The entertainment bill, which included rock music by Tower of Power and Carousel, came to $10,000. The Prince, who attends nearby Menlo College on the San Francisco Peninsula, invited his school friends to the party but the college president and an accounting teacher also attended.
The first Saudi prince to attend Menlo College was Prince Mohammed bin Faisal Al Saud (Class of ’63), during the same time Don Warden was creating the Afro American Association while he was in law school at Berkeley on the opposite side of San Francisco Bay. The Black Power Party was formed at Merritt College in Oakland not far from the law school.

By July 1979, he was being quoted as Khalid Al Mansour, "formal" attorney for OPEC, threatening an oil embargo by the OPEC nations in response to a lawsuit filed against the cartel. The threat of reprisals also included withdrawal of funds on deposit with American banks. The antitrust lawsuit had been filed in December 1978 by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers in federal court in Los Angeles, and the decision was announced in September at 477 F.Supp. 553 (1979). It is fascinating to note that another attorney who wrote a brief on behalf of Indonesia-U.S. Business Committee of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was Antonin Scalia, then a professor at the University of Chicago, years before he was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1986.

In 1978 Khalid and his association, Concerned Black Americans In Support of Africa and the Middle East, as well as Islamic Centers of America, Akbar Institute, Muslim League of Canada were named plaintiffs in a defamation suit which was thrown out of court.
The January 5, 1978 issue of Jet Magazine reported on how the representation of OPEC by the firm of Holmes & Warden came about:

As mentioned earlier, Jeanette Tucker was actually Donald Warden's sister, who we learn here was acting in her capacity as CPA for Cygnus Corp., possibly to conduct due diligence on the engineering firm's ability to fulfill the terms of the architectural work. 

In 1977 Warden and his partner also filed a class-action lawsuit against the State of California, which was dismissed by the court, which stated:
...plaintiffs contend that the California legislature passed the Act [Sections 16721 and 16721.5 of the California Business and Professions Code] in response to the Arab nations' boycott against the nation of Israel. The Arab boycott actually takes three forms. In order to do business with an Arab country, a company must sign an agreement not to do business with Israel (primary boycott), any company on the Arab blacklist (secondary boycott), or any company that does business with any entity on the blacklist (tertiary boycott). 
Seven years earlier, Jet reported that Ms. Tucker was a New York clothing designer when her brother sued Blue Chip, a trading stamp company, and other defendants on behalf of former pro football player Art Powell, soul singer James Brown and Tucker, the owner/investors in Black & Brown Stamps. The suit was for $10.4 billion for restraint of trade.

The address of Holmes & Warden was
Roger C. Holmes aka Dr. Faissal Mohammed Fahad
May 10, 1942 - April 16, 2004
Faissal Fahad was born Roger C. Holmes to Joseph Holmes and Delia Lee on May 10, 1942 in Fresno, CA. He graduated Edison High School in 1960 and then San Jose State in 1965 with a bachelor's degree in Sociology. University of Santa Clara School of Law where he graduated with a Doctor's of Jurisprudence Degree.
He was an International Lawyer who spent a majority of his Practice in San Francisco, Saudi Arabia, Europe and Africa. He was also the original founder of Concerned Black Americans In Support of Africa and the Middle East also he is listed in the International Who's Who of Intellectuals and was also recently added to Edison High's Academic Hall of Fame. He leaves behind his loving wife Renee Fahad of Zimbabwe — children, Soraya, Waheed and Kamal, of Zimbabwe, mother Delia Lee, of Sacramento, sister Edwina Holmes of Stockton, cousins, nieces and nephews, and a host of friends throughout the world. Viewing Thursday, April 22, 2004


  1. Ms. James-
    Khalid married my half-siter, Stephanie Hall aka Sultana Al-Mansour. A post on the Internet suggest that he has dementia and is being taken to the Ukraine. the post was 4 months old as of 08/18/16

  2. Hello,

    My grandmother was his sister, Marjorie Lee. Proud to read about my uncle. I am a lawyer in Colorado.

  3. Also, proud of my great aunt for being a CPA.

  4. Linda,

    Khalid is also my great uncle. Alice was grandmother. We’re from Pittsburgh, my mom still has articles about Marjorie. She was very well traveled and was apart of the US Embassy I believe. I’m going to law school this fall in Pittsburgh, we should connect.

    1. Sorry, my mother just confirmed that was Eloise. I had my Facts mixed up.

  5. Is Khalid still alive , if so how is he?